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Last incident was 17d ago. Last outage was 4d ago.


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Emergency Maintenance -
Resolved ‐ The issue has been resolved and all systems are nominal.
19 Oct 14:54
InProgress ‐ We have resolved the issue and are actively monitoring the situation.
19 Oct 14:43
InProgress ‐ Beginning immediately Compose will be performing emergency maintenance on: This emergeny maintenance includes non-portal hosts which, by the design of the Compose platform, should not affect the availability of your database deployments. No action on your part should be required before or during this maintenance. If during the maintenance you experience problems with your deployment, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will work with you to resolve these issues. These hosts and all capsules on them will be temporarily unavailable while the maintenance is being completed. Affected deployments: 5489e397636f6d00a3000000 548c91ad636f6d00a3030000 54b76c5f636f6d00ac090000 54cc05eb636f6d00a3090000 54ccff23636f6d009a0b0000 54d1299a636f6d009a0e0000 54d91850636f6d00ac300000 54deaac5636f6d00a3000000 56bcaa10d3a35b001600000a 56b8d9cd7f5b54001e000000 56ba2f46f3d5b9001b000001 56ba3028a826350016000000 If you have any questions about this maintenance, please email us at [email protected]
19 Oct 14:25

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