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Last incident was 20h ago. Last outage was 6d ago.


Recent Incidents

Elevated Rates of Voice Disconnect in Europe
Resolved ‐ Traffic is back to normal, service restored. Root cause was a regional ISP networking issue.
22 Oct 10:09
InProgress ‐ Disconnect and Connect Levels have returned to nominal levels.
22 Oct 10:01
InProgress ‐ Engineering is continuing to investigate but has yet to identify a root cause to the increase in Voice Disconnects and Connects.
22 Oct 09:23
InProgress ‐ Oncall Engineering is currently investigating elevated rates or Voice Disconnection in Europe.
22 Oct 08:38
Connectivity issues in us-west voice region
Resolved ‐ This incident has been resolved.
19 Oct 21:32
InProgress ‐ We experienced connectivity issues in us-west around 21:14 UTC. They resolved around two minutes later.
19 Oct 21:25

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