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Broken Gravatar images require updates
InProgress ‐ We have identified an issue that's preventing some users' Gravatar images from displaying correctly. This was caused by an outage on Gravatar's end, so impacted users can fix this by doing the following: go to Settings > My account and scroll all the way down to the Avatar header. Click the Gravatar link to navigate to Gravatar and re-upload the image. For step-by-step instructions on this process, refer to this Help Center article: Please note that changes made here will take 24 hours to propagate back to Lever.
30 Oct 20:12
Intermittent slowness within Lever
InProgress ‐ We have made some improvements to address the issues causing intermittent slowness in Lever. We’re currently monitoring to ensure that there are no further issues, and we’ll send a final update to confirm that there have been no recurrences. If you are still experiencing issues with slowness, please submit a ticket to our support team here:
06 Oct 18:14
InProgress ‐ We are currently investigating where users may experience slowness within Lever. We became aware of this issue around Septemeber 10th and affected users will experience data loading slower than usual. We’re working to identify the issue and put a resolution in place as soon as possible.
16 Sep 17:26


Last incident was 6M ago. Last outage was 7M ago.


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